The 411 on Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Brushing is something you've probably heard about by now, but what exactly is it? And what does it do? Before I explain how to dry brush and what kind of dry brush is best here are some of the benefits of dry brushing.

1.      LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE the lymphatic system is vital to our body's immune system.  By correctly dry brushing we promote detoxification in our bodies through regulating stimulating our lymphatic system 

2.      EXFOLIATION the bristles on the dry brush are firm so by dry brushing we are exfoliating our skin and getting off our dead skin cells. Even just after your first time body brushing you will notice softer, brighter skin.  If you dry brush in the sunlight you can even see your dead skin cells coming off!

3.      PROMOTES CIRCULATION by dry brushing we are bringing blood to the surface of our bodies and helps circulating the body.  Because of this circulation, some people have claimed that regular dry brushing can actually reduce cellulite!

4.      ENERGY BOOST after dry brushing you should definitely have an increase in your energy level.  So for the people who are not early risers (myself included) dry brushing is a great way to kick start your morning with an energy boost!


dry brushing .jpg

While dry brushing you always want to work towards the heart and chest to promote lymphatic drainage. Start at the bottom of your feet and work in a circular motion, then move up the legs using long strokes. On any joints you can work in a circulation motion.  Go to hands and again work in a circular motion on palms then work up the arms, again using long rhythmic strokes.  

Go to back, sometimes back can be a bit tricky to reach. Keep using long strokes working upwards on the back.

Finish with the chest and stomach, making sure you use clockwise motions on the tummy to promote good digestion.

To enhance your dry brushing experience you can incorporate a little bit of your favorite essential oil, like rose, lavender, or bergamot, or turn on the shower beforehand and turn the water to hot to have yourself a little steam room.  Shop our essential oil blends here.


Make sure you don't press too hard.  You want to have a firm touch while dry brushing but it should never be painful or uncomfortable.  

Depending on your dosha you may not want to dry brush daily.  Pitta and especially, Kapha people typically benefit from dry brushing daily, but somebody who is very Vata deranged will only need to dry brush a couple times a week (especially in the fall) because it could be TOO much stimulation for someone with excess Vata.  For you Vata folks out there, I would recommend daily abhyanga (warm oil massage) before a shower rather than dry brushing. 

Get your dry skin brush here and enjoy!