Mudra Monday : Mushti


Mushti is the fight fist which is the symbol of force. Our body has natural tendency to respond to negative emotions for example anger, fear, aggression, annoyance plus frustration by final fist. This Mudra promotes digestion, helps cure constipation and lethargy.

It is utilized to signify the following:

· Combative position of the wrestlers.

· Grasping objects.

· Steady fastness of a person.


· Sit in a relaxed position & palms in front of upwards.
· Let the breath to turn into slightly longer as you develop the feeling of letting go, the feeling of saying “No”.
· Twist the fingers of both hands carrying the tips of the fingers onto the palms. Put the thumbs onto the ring finger apply steady light pressure.

· Carry on for up to 15 minutes whenever plus wherever desirable
· Hold for 5 minutes to let go negative emotions, repeat 3 times a day for 15 minutes habitually
· Embrace for 10 minutes after meals to assist digestion

This Mudra is the combination of Vayu Mudra, Shoonya Mudra, Soorya Mudra & Jalodara Nashaka Mudra which decreases all the four elements there by solving the problems of the excesses of the four elements namely Vayu, Akasha, Prithvi & Jala. The Agni affecting Soorya Mudra generates heat and energy in the body.


· This Mudra helps to treat constipation, digestion problem & plus stomach energy.

· This Mudra helps to reduce negative emotions.

· The Mushti fist is a mark for anger, anger or else threat.

· Reduces the tingling in the body parts.

· Mushti Mudra is practical for the discharge of unexpressed emotions.

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