Meditation helps you sleep better and, for companies, it reduces the number of sick days
— Promega's Chief medical officer- Ashley G. Anderson Jr.

Unplug and Restore Your Workplace

Boost your bottom line and reduce overall healthcare costs by incorporating our wellness products and practices in your workplace. The benefits of meditation- increased focus, reduced reactivity, a more peaceful demeanor- had been carefully documented in a slew of studies from places like Harvard - all of which translate to the office. 

In the workplace, meditation practices improve efficiency, attention, foster emotional balance, facilitate interpersonal interest, create teamwork and cooperative activities. Just 21 minutes taken out of every workday will more than pay back in terms of attention productivity, and wellness with fewer absences. 

Create an Office "OM'' space

Custom Meditation Cushions

Transform an old conference room into a sacred zen space. Create a custom look cohesive to your company with our custom meditation cushions. Choose from our line of fabric options, or let us work with your interior designers to get your custom order just right. 

Close your eyes and picture your logo hand stitched into our luxurious meditation cushions. Deep breath...  




CUstom order:

We can tailor our product sourcing
and design capabilities to your brand standards.
Our Contract Custom program applies to high–volume orders with lead times of at least 2 months. Minimums required.

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A healthy workforce is a productive workforce
— Promega's Chief medical officer- Ashley G. Anderson Jr.