Ayurvedic Therapist Training


The integration of wellness practices into spas is a growing global trend. Our courses will provide your spa professionals with the tools to elevate their spa services and enhance each guest experience. 

By learning the fundamentals of Ayurveda, your spa professionals will have the tools to recommend the integration of basic Ayurvedic practices at home. it will also allow for each professional to be more grounded and present for each spa service. 

We will provide a trainer who's expertise fits your needs in the areas you are looking to grow your spa. Click below to find a course that fits your specific spa needs. 

Shirodhara (shiro-dar-a)

80 min  | 110 MINUTES 

Warm herbal oil is poured in a continuous stream over the forehead and scalp to revitalize the mind and provide an elevated state of relaxation. A full body oleation (abhyanga) is followed by a shirodhara marma head and scalp treatment to allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to release neuro-hormones from the nervous system. 

This treatment is designed for individuals looking to experience an ultimate level of relaxation, improve memory or insomnia.  


Abhyanga (ahbee-yong-gah)

50 MINUTES  | 80 MINUTES   | 110 min 

This luxurious full body oleation (herbal oil therapy) is an excellent remedy to everyday stress. Warm oil accompanies gentle, swift strokes that balance energetic centers in the body and soothe the nervous system. This treatment is designed for individuals looking for stress relief and gentle detoxification.  

Being that Abhyanga is the foundation to multiple Ayurvedic practices, a modified level of this experience is incorporated into Shirodara, Marma, Swedana and Udwarthana services.

Two-Handed Abhyanga (one therapist)

Four-Handed (two therapists work in unison for the ultimate experience)


Marma Body Therapy 

80 min  | 110 min

Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice whose focus is the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body for the purposes of supporting the healing process. An abhyanga treatment is followed by marma therapy with warm herbal oils to clear stress from muscles, soft tissues, face, and vital points of the body where physical and mental discomfort and disease can build. This treatment is designed for individuals looking for stress relief, anti-aging and relief from nervous system ailments. 


Udwarthana (ohh-vwart-hana) 

80 min  | 110 min 

This invigorating skin polish treatment both nourishes and purifies the body. A full body exfoliation with warm herbal powders in combination with oleation encourages a deeper detoxification to leave you glowing and feeling lighter. This treatment is designed for individuals looking for stress relief, detoxification, cellulite and skin toning.  


Sweden (sway-da-na) 

80 min | 110 min

A full body Abhyanga treatment will begin the detoxification and rejuvenation process. Your relaxation will continue through an herbal steam bath as moist heat will “soften” toxins in the body and release from the skin. This treatment is designed for individuals looking for stress relief, detoxification and weight loss support.  



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