Why Everyone Should Start Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning is an incredibly easy habit to incorporate into your daily oral hygiene that delivers huge results. Immediately notice fresher breath and get rid of toxins.

Benefits of tongue cleaning:

Tongue cleaning clears toxins and bacteria from the tongue, removes coating that can lead to bad breath, and enhances the sense of taste. Because your tongue is correlated to the organs in your body it also enhances your digestion, which is vital for good health.

Though Ayurveda recommends a silver or copper tongue scraper, depending on your prakriti (individual constitution), stainless steel is good for all constitutions.

Since we should be trying to eliminate plastic in general for all of its health and earth-harming impacts, plastic is not advised. Nor is a toothbrush recommended for this job. Brushing your tongue doesn’t have the same effect as a tongue scraper. It tends to relocate the bacteria or embed them in your toothbrush rather than remove them. 

How to use a tongue scraper:

Simply hold both ends and start at the back of your tongue and scrap forward gently. Repeat about 5-10 times until tongue is clear. Follow with your usual brushing and flossing ritual.

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