Yoga For Your Dosha

Ayurveda knows that each person is created as individuals, and not all yoga poses are balancing for everyone.  Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences, and go hand in hand.  Sure, some yoga is better than none, but here are the ideal yoga poses or classes that are going to best based on your personal dosha. 

Vata people tend to have an excess of ether and air in their bodies.  Therefore, to balance out all that air energy, grounding and calming poses are going to be the best for Vata types.  Asanas (poses) that help with the lower back, abdomen, and twists are going to be most beneficial for vatas. Vatas tend to have a lot of chaotic energy, and struggle with digestion; these poses will help to balance out those qualities.  Some of the best asanas are standing forward bend, seated forward bend, child's pose, and savasana are all best suited for vata.


Yoga greatly benefits pitta people, they tend to get overly competitive so yoga is a great form of individual exercise where they can focus on calming their intense, sharp minds. Pitta people can have an excess of the fire element, so cooling asanas are going to be best.  Poses like camel, bow, and and cobra are great for opening up the solar plexus, one of the seats of Pitta. Headstands and inversions should try to be avoided for pitta as they can hurt the eyes, also a seat of pitta.


Kapha people have an excess of the water and earth elements in their body.  They can tend to be very sedentary so more intense, hot yoga is great for kaphas.  Downward dog and sun salutations are great for creating heat in kaphas.  Doing several sun salutations for Kapha will be very beneficial, any type of yoga where they will work up a sweat is great.