Cucumber and Avocado Soup Recipe

Cooling Cucumber and Avocado Soup

In the heat of summer it's difficult to want to turn on your stove or oven into your probably-already-hot kitchen.  This is a cold soup that is going to cool you down for the summer, and requires no actual cooking!

All these ingredients have a cooling quality in Ayurveda.  Avoiding foods that are warming are going to increase your pitta, creating more heat in the body. Foods such as cucumbers, coconut, limes, cilantro, chickpeas, and zucchini are all pitta-pacifying foods that won't create extra heat in the body.  This is a recipe that is surely going to cool you down, while also still being healthy and flavorful!



2 medium organic cucumbers
1 large or 2 small avocados
1 juice of lime
1 tsp salt, or to taste
1/2 tsp black pepper, or to taste
1/4 chopped cilantro for garnis

Blend all ingredients (except cilantro) in food processor or blender, and mix until well combined and smooth. Transfer to bowl and refrigerate for an hour or until chilled completely.

**Extra nutritional facts**
Cucumbers are full of anti-oxidants and the avocado will keep you fuller for longer with healthy fats!

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