​Your Guide to Perfecting the Pitta Season

Summer is here! (Almost at least.) Summer weather = pitta season in Ayurveda. Pitta is the fire element in Ayurveda. Qualities of pitta are hot, dry, and sharp.  Sounds like summer to me.  Here are some tips to perfecting the summer weather so you don't get too out of balance.
FAVOR sweet, bitter and astringent flavors.  Now is the time to incorporate more raw veggies and fruits in your diet.  Lots of coconut, dates, cucumbers, summer squash, quinoa, white rice, and soft cheeses. Less salty, sour and pungent flavors, meaning less hot spices to increase your fire. 
SAY NO to hot yoga. It's already hot outside so why increase the heat? Think cooking exercises like yin yoga, swimming, or a nice summer hike.
COCONUT oil abhyangas. Less sesame this time of year and add more coconut oil. Coconut oil is the most cooling oil and also super beneficial for the body.
HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE lots of water, coconut water, and aloe vera to stay cool and replenished.
STAY COOL literally and figuratively. Avoid spending extended time in the sun and avoid situations that you know may make you fired up.
You may see a trend here. Stick to cooling, light foods and lifestyle to keep your pitta from getting out of whack. Enjoy your Pitta summer!

pitta-inspired-bowl (1).jpg

Pictured above is a Pitta inspired dish: Roasted carrots, roasted sweet potato, spinach, ground turkey, cabbage, tahini dressing