Marma Facial Points

As a society, we're always searching for new anti-aging products, techniques, and procedures.  However, stimulating your marma points can leave with you less lines and wrinkles, less stressed, and feeling more balanced at no extra cost.  Sounds too good to be true!  Marma points are essentially Ayurveda's pressure points in the body.  In Sanskrit, marma means "vulnerable" or "sensitive zones." We have over 72,000 in the body, and when stimulated they re-energize the channels in the body.  

Think of it as yoga for your face.  Start by taking a couple deep breaths and calm yourself down before you start. Make sure you're not making a frowny face, just be relaxed and comfortable.  Follow the points that I have in the short video below using either your index or middle finger.  Do whatever type of pressure feels most comfortable for you.  Vata individuals tend to be the most sensitive, and respond best to a gentle touch.  Pitta people tend to like medium-firm pressure.  Kapha people tend to like more deep, vigorous pressure. Clockwise, count-clockwise, or linear movements can be applied to the marma point dependent on your dosha.  Clockwise movement is tonifying and stimulating, pacifying vata and kapha.  Counter-clockwise movement is calming and relaxing, which is best for vata or pitta. Linear movement balances vata.

I love to do marma points as part of my nightly routine when I wash my face.  Use your favorite kind of oil and take 5 minutes to yourself before bedtime.  

WARNING: best to do at nighttime because you'll be so relaxed and ready for bed!